Base Camp Coordinator

Base Camp Coordinator

Reports to • Program Coordinator

Job Purpose

The Base Camp Coordinator combines rock climbing challenges with summer camp style fun. The Base Camp Coordinator will work closely with all of the base camp instructors, administering the camp duties, themes, crafts, games, and any other additional tasks. Further, the Base Camp Coordinator will work with Adventure Rock Management, clients, and employees to make sure they are able to help provide great customer service and perform basic general duties such as: orientations, knot tying and belaying instruction, and desk staff operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Organize Base Camp events, themes, and schedule
• Train and oversee Base camp instructors
• Perform basic desk staff operations
• Keep camp supplies stocked and organized


• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Background and enthusiasm for working with kids is strongly suggested
• Ability to organize and direct staff
• Desire to improve, manage, and promote Adventure Rock programs and promotions

Working Conditions

The Base Camp Coordinator will be in close proximity to both the kids participating in the camps as well as their parents. The ability to speak in a professional manner to parents while providing an exciting demeanor for the kids is paramount. The Base Camp Coordinator should be prepared to start most days with the camp at 7am. The camps run each week Monday through Friday and start in early June and run through Late August.

Physical Requirements

Rock Climbing may be occasionally asked of you to retrieve auto belay, hang ropes, or as demonstration for a class or orientation. Shipments of ropes, auto-belays, and other items in the climbing facility can be upwards of 50 pounds. You should be able to help lift and move these items.


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