Desk Staff

Desk Staff

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Job Purpose

Adventure Rock Desk Staff are responsible for the daily tasks, customer service, customer orientations, and the monitoring of an indoor climbing facility. Desk Staff continually interact with customers, take reservations, clean the facility, perform class instruction, and enforce the facility rules. Occasionally Desk Staff will be asked to come in for additional help with extra-curricular projects such as, but not limited to, competition set up, member appreciation nights, additional maintenance responsibilities, and other special events.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers at the door in a timely and friendly manner
• Inform customers about memberships and class options
• Give new customer orientations with enthusiasm
• Administer belay checks with concern to facility safety
• Oversee and facilitate birthday parties and groups while being helpful and friendly
• Enter information into, and operate, POS and data software
• Maintain the cleanliness of the facility


• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Basic understanding of one-on-one and group instruction
• Ability to speak to groups and direct crowds
• Have a desire and enthusiasm to inform customers about the sport of climbing, memberships, and class options

Working Conditions

Desk Staff shifts are 6- 8 hour in length.
Weekday (Mon-Fri) morning shifts are scheduled 9am-4pm while evening shifts are scheduled from 4pm-10pm.
Weekend (Sat-Sun) morning shifts are scheduled 8:30am-3:30pm while evening shifts are scheduled 3:30pm-10pm.
October–May weekends have an additional “Swing” shift. This shift is 8 hours in length that runs the busiest time of the day and changes as assigned by the Desk Staff Supervisor.
Staff is expected to arrive 15 minutes early for every shift in the appropriate staff attire.

Physical Requirements

Rock Climbing may be occasionally asked of you to retrieve auto belay, hang ropes, or as a demonstration for a class or orientation. Shipments of ropes, auto-belays, and other items in the climbing facility can be upwards of 50 pounds. You should be able to help lift and move these items.


Upon hire Desk Staff start at minimum wage. After an initial training and review period a raise is administered; this is dependent on performance. Additionally, bi-annual reviews are also administered with an opportunity for additional income. Desk Staff are also rewarded $10 for every new membership they sell.