Portable Wall Coordinator

Portable Wall Coordinator

Reports to • Adventure Rock General Manager

Job Purpose

The Portable Wall Coordinator manages and runs the entirety of the portable wall operations. This includes training new staff, truck and wall maintenance and upkeep, staffing, account handling, client recruitment and satisfaction, as well as other tasks related to the portable wall programming.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Oversee event scheduling and staffing
• Promote and build additional clientele for Adventure Rock’s Portable Wall Program
• Map, organize, and prepare event information while coordinating Portable Wall Lead and Co staff
• Preform and maintain portable wall upkeep and maintenance
• Invoice and run event payments


• Strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills, able to work well in a team
• Effective organizational and time management skills
• Versatility, adaptability, strong ability to act with tact and diplomacy to a varied audience
• Strong relationship building skills – with customers, co-workers, and strategic partners
• Detail oriented, organized, and good with follow-up.
• Strong sales and customer experience focus
• Extensive background in customer service and customer facing roles is preferred

Working Conditions

Portable Wall Coordinator will see a large influx of work starting in the months of April and May and taper of work from October through March. The beginning of the season is prepared for with a large amount of truck maintenance, staff hiring, and trainings. During the summer there is a constant flow of portable wall events and staffing duties. The Fall will revisit truck maintenance and portable wall storage. Additionally the fall and winter months are used for cold calling, policy changes, and the occasional event.

The Portable Wall Manager should be prepared to work closely with the general managers, program coordinator, and operations manager.

Physical Requirements

Portable Wall Coordinator will have to address issues on the portable walls as well as the trucks. This will require being comfortable lifting, pulling, and moving heavy objects or objects under tension. Sometimes up to 50lbs.


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