Register Gear

Looking to sell items at the Gearage Sale?
Register items at Adventure Rock MKE in person before 6pm on April 29th, 2019.
Online registration is closed.

Gearage Sale Guidelines

Thank you for participating in Adventure Rock’s
2019 Gearage Sale!

In order to help the smooth facilitation of the event, here are a few things to keep in mind:

The deadline for online registration is Midnight Sunday, April 28th. If you have missed this deadline, you can register gear in person during the gear drop off times. However, we highly recommend registering online beforehand! It’s so easy!

The gear drop off times are 4pm – 10pm Sunday, April 28th and 9am – 6pm Monday, April 29th.

The cut-off for gear submission is 6pm on April 29th. We will not take any more gear after that time.

The sale will begin promptly at 6:30pm and run until 9:30pm on April 29th.

When you drop off your gear you will be given a seller number and corresponding price tag sheet. We will provide you with tags to hang off of the gear if putting a sticker on it doesn’t work.

A price tag/sticker must be put on each of your items. Price all of your gear appropriately. 1/2 off the new retail price is a good starting point. However you are welcome to set whatever price you feel is fair. Untagged items will be assumed to be FREE! JK … but for real, price your stuff.

You are welcome to negotiate new prices with potential buyers. You must be present to facilitate these sales. Once you have decided on a price with the buyer, come to the checkout counter and inform the staff of the new price.

You are in charge of your own gear.

You do not need to remain at the sale, but Adventure Rock is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen equipment. This event can get busy. We recommend
staying until your equipment is sold.

Adventure Rock will keep 10% of all sales.

All unsold items must be picked up by 10pm, April 29th (the same night as the sale), otherwise they will be donated to the local Goodwill.

Checks will be mailed by 5/3/19.