Rock climbing is a dangerous sport. To ensure that climbing at Adventure Rock is an enjoyable experience for everyone, we ask all participants to adhere to these guidelines. Failure to observe these guidelines may result in your dismissal from the facility.

All Gym Areas

1. A “Visitor’s Agreement” form is required for all visitors.
2. All visitors must check in at the front desk. Orientations are required for users of Adventure Rock’s facility and equipment.
3. All visitors and participants under the age of 14 must be actively supervised by a parent or adult, need active supervision to use Adventure Rock’s Bouldering, and may not belay or use Fitness Areas. Climbers under the age of 10 must be assisted when using auto belays. Exceptions can be made for all age requirements if climbers are participating in Adventure Rock programs.
4. No climbing or belaying while under the influence of intoxicating substances.
5. No equipment, food, or drink is allowed on padded flooring.
6. All gear, clothes, and packs should be stored in a locker, cubby, or vehicle. Adventure Rock is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Locks may not be kept on lockers overnight.
7. Use of cell phones, audio players, or headphones while climbing or belaying is prohibited.
8. The instruction of any safety procedure is not allowed except by Adventure Rock staff, unless a certificate of insurance is provided naming Adventure Rock as additionally insured.
9. In accordance with local Health Department regulations, shirts and footwear are required at all times.

Roped Areas

1. Only UIAA approved climbing gear is allowed. All climbing gear must be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. All participants must have a top rope or lead check by an Adventure Rock staff prior to belaying or lead climbing in this facility.
3. Proper belay technique, as determined by Adventure Rock staff, is required at all times. Belayers must stand while belaying. Adventure Rock reserves the right to revoke belay privileges at any time.
4. Adventure Rock does not allow the use of body belays, figure eight belay tools, or munter hitches. Adventure Rock reserves the right to refuse usage of any belay device.

Bouldering Areas

1. Jumping or falling from ANY height from the wall while bouldering may cause serious injury or death. Adventure Rock does not recommend bouldering without proper experience and understanding of risks.
2. Stay off all padded flooring when not bouldering.
3. Do not walk under anyone while they are bouldering.
4. Birthday parties and group programs are not allowed in the bouldering area.

Fitness Areas

1. No weights are allowed outside of the fitness area.
2. Do not walk under or around people using fitness equipment.
3. All weights, bars, and other movable equipment should be returned to its proper place after every use. All fitness equipment should be wiped down after every use.
4. Do not use weight heavier than you are able to properly use.

Adventure Rock reserves the right to ask any person to stop any behavior that is considered dangerous, unsanitary, or unpleasant. Good common sense, as well as courtesy and consideration for others, should be employed at all times.