USAC 2020

USAC Youth Bouldering Competition

Nov. 2nd – Nov 15th

What to expect:
Boulders from the comp will stay up for an additional 3 days in case there are any appeals.

Who: USAC Members only. An Introductory Membership allows climbers to compete, but DOES NOT allow them to advance to Regionals. A Competitor Membership is required for those who wish to advance to Regionals. Also, Craig Burzynski the USAC Recreational series has not actually been launched yet, so the officially sanctioned USAC Comp would not be available to AR members interested in climbing.

Format: Standard Redpoint format, with climbers taking the entire length of the competition to log their top 5 climbs. Climbers must take video of any of their top 5 scoring climbs.

Tape: Taping for the comp will be using the new 4-point start taping.