First Time

Getting Started

Most of Adventure Rock’s first-time users participate in our Clip'N Go program. This program utilizes our auto-belay systems; meaning no pesky knots to tie, commands to learn, heck, you don’t even need a partner! After one of our friendly staff takes you on an orientation, explaining how to utilize our facility properly, you will simply clip into one of our many Clip'N Go stations and begin climbing - it’s that easy! Our Clip'N Go passes last the entire day, so if those forearms need a break, feel free to leave and come back within the same business day. Great for nearly any age climber (recommendation: 5 years and up).

No Reservation Needed!
To utilize our Clip N’ Go program, you do not need to make a reservation-just come in anytime the gym is open. Don’t worry about special equipment, our staff will outfit you with all of the climbing gear you need for the day. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing, a pair of athletic shoes (climbing shoes are available for rent, but not required), and bring a psyched attitude - we’ll take care of the rest.

To expedite the entrance process, please fill out a visitor’s agreement prior to your arrival. This will get you from, walking through the door to climbing on the wall, in no time. If you have any questions, see our FAQ’s or call us and talk to one of our helpful staff. Click here for our rates.

Why Climb?

Some of us came to this sport seeking a sense of adventure. A few of us thrive on the thrill of being high above the ground. Most of us love the physical and mental demands that come with the question, “how the heck am I supposed to push my body up this wall?” The majority of us, however, we’re just looking for a new and exciting activity to get us moving and out of the house. Whatever the reason, we all had to start somewhere. We understand that climbing can be a very intimidating sport, believe us, we've been there. This is why we pride ourselves in offering amazing programming tailored towards newer climbers. With a little guidance and a few pointers, we'll have you feeling like a seasoned rock jock in no time!

Getting started is always the hardest part, which brings us to the purpose of this page. We want to help make sure that those who are new to the sport, can see how fun, accessible, and rewarding, climbing at Adventure Rock can be; and to let you know, we’re here with you the entire way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all visitors, whether climbing or not, need a properly filled out Visitor Agreement. Climbers under the age of 18 must have their Agreement signed by their legal guardian. To save time at the door please fill out your Visitor Agreement by clicking here!